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spyro-the-stoner: and you love like you’ve always been lonely bloodredsacrifice & charlie-bearr

admireu: I will promote all my new followers to xx,xxx | vertical/personal ☾new indie blog☽

Can I get this and the pool? Everyday Neon | Jen Darling

Cure us of the darkness that cankers our souls. Cure us of the pain only Death knows!

hmm....not sure about that, but then again, reminds me of the shortest chapter in "I never promised you a rose garden"

Make this a perfect day. Don't let the little things get you down, and don't sweat the big things.

Duality. Opposites. In the bad there is good and in the good there is bad.

True dat. I have accountability and I own it .I am | neon

'until then if not before' Neon by Jonathan Nafarrete Nafarrete Nafarrete Monk

spectacular but empty - photo caption contains external link

this conjure's up images of flip-flops, summer skirts, having spent the day at the beach, had a BBQ for dinner and now a twilight walk to get ice cream...somewhere in California perhaps (even though I've never been).