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  • Katie Thrasher

    Great makeup. Such pretty eyes! (:

  • anysha ming

    Eye lashes, bottom lashes, eye liner, blue eyes, make up

  • Sarah Coltson

    BEAUTIFUL eye color <3

  • Raeanna Wynn

    Eyelash tricks to make your lashes longer! Vaseline trick: before going to bed, apply Vaseline/petroleum jelly to your lashes with an old cleaned mascara brush. U will see results within the first five weeks you do this Oil trick: cooking oils such as olive oil can be used to make hair longer. Apply some olive oil to your eyelid before bed. Repeat this until results are seen. Her eyes are so beautifully green!

  • Emma Henning

    green eyes and bold lashes

  • taryn christie

    Great makeup. Love her eye color hope to always have long lashes....

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