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    Be Beautiful Angels

    Be Beautiful Angels

    Change the People

    Take note of who remains in your life when times get tough, especially the people who sacrifice the resources they have in their life to help you improve yours when you need it most. Seriously, when you come out the other side of a difficult period in your life, look around you. The people still standing beside you are your true friends..

    Self harm


    ❤ Self-harm

    Good morning, my everything. Sorry you had to wake up to my stuttering nonsense. But I hope it came across that I love you madly. That's the bottom line to it all. I love you. Plain and simple. You're the most important thing to me in the whole wide world. For realsies. 😁😘

    Change is good.

    I literally almost cried :'( . Boys, I love you so much. You don't have to do this to yourself. You're absolutely beautiful. I care so much for you.

    It sucks that some people feel this way. They feel like no one cares about how they feel. I do. I know how you feel. I know it hurts but you'll get through this. YOU CAN DO IT!!!! STAY STRONG!!!! mailto:talktomeab... Talk to someone who knows your pain. Maybe it will help.

    Self Harm.

    Self Harm

    reblog if you have self harm scars and remember to stay strong,I’m always here if you need to talk,and I love you

    another possible quote!

    Tomorrow is another chance life quotes quotes quote life tomorrow life sayings new day

    i killed someone, you see. i killed the girl, who used to be me sad but true i let peoples hate and negativity bring me down so far down that i no longer recognize the girl in the mirror staring back at me

    Je t'aime

    Selfharm quote

    I believe in you :)

    I needed this today So true!! Love this need to remember this