A sweet blog about how to talk to little girls... I've thought of this many times as I've talked to little girls since I've read it.

They may seem surprising, even counterintuitive, but here are 10 things you might want to really think about before you say them to your kids.

20 Questions to ask your children when you're putting them to bed to help develop your relationship

raising a powerful girl

Eight Ways to Deal with Anger as a Parent. What are your suggestions?

9 Tips to Raising a Confident Girl How to talk to your daughter so she knows she's smart, funny, kind -- and oh right, beautiful

Another pinner says, "My kids beg to play this game! Mommy and Daddy always lose. Our kids have better manners than we do now!" worth a try

How I’m Dealing with Hitting Without Using Time Out from Creative with Kids

I'm So Fancy Tee - Various Colors

me and my girl..one day :)

Surprise Kids Without Spending a Dime-- fun, creative and mostly easy ideas of things that you can do to surprise your kids and make them feel special! Love it! And I know my kids would too.

Love these ideas for teaching kids to relax! So important in our technology-focused, go-go-go society.

How to talk to little girls...a wonderful post that discusses another article in the Huffington Post by Lisa Bloom-June2011 (huff.to/yrqiBo) where she encourages adults to ask little girls about ideas and books, instead of complimenting their looks. Definitely made me think about what I say to my daughter and what others say to her as well. I really loved this! Would love to know what you all think too.

How to be happy for others and not be jealous.

Some great resources for learning to talk to our girls and helping them to build self-confidence.

This is actually a really super good read!

Encouraging Words - Positive Parenting Solutions

Raising Boys (A Dad’s Advice for Moms) - a hilarious & helpful article! (This article appears to be spot on!)

Is it really possible to enjoy the teen years? How to Grow an Awesome Teenager

{Tips on parenting a strong willed child} Great ideas in this post. Do you have a strong willed child in your home? How do you honor and deal with it?

"How to be a better mom while being exhausted." Anyone with depression knows exhausted is how you feel all the time.