adele. she's so pretty.

I'd marry you just to listen to your voice all day long

Adele Rumour Has It - Adele Sings Rumour Has It Full Music Video

My baby Adele can sing and is so damn sexy with those curves and so gorgeous! What else can a man want!

Bucket list

Hip Brit Soul Chicks of the 1960s - - Development of BritSoul

Adele. Amazing!!!

I love Adele's voice sooooo much!!

Adele for Vogue 2016

Hello... #adele

| When We Were Young ~ #Adele |

Adele for Vogue March 2016.....ONE OF MY FAVORITE SINGERS

My #1 favorite artist. I ADORE her. She is such an amazing person with a beautiful soul♥

Adele - This woman sings what my heart and head dare not say. She is an inspiration. Well done!

Adele-got Adele live at the Royal Albert Hall on CD/blueray

You are amazing in a bazillion different ways.

I don't get why anyone as beautiful and talented as Adele gets criticized by SO many people. :(

Adele: Live at The Royal Albert Hall


הגדולה מכולן, אם לשמוע אז את הדיסק שלה מההופעה החיה, היא מרגשת בצורה מדהימה