I wonder if this works lol

It really works!!! Omg this is addicting...

And now you know how to whistle with your fingers. I couldn't do it.


Every time

You'd better work in macs

Life hacks


Student 1, Printer 0.

I understand that this can be seen in different ways, but to me it just sounds like the creepiest pickup line ever.

48 Times Tumblr Was Funny About Animals<--SO THEY CAN DO THIS BUT I CAN'T HAVE A PANDA AS A PET???!!! SDJHGKRG

Wow. I actually needed this. In the middle of an essay with another 5-8 page one to start! D:

life hacks!

Want to start waking up earlier? Here are some helpful ways to do so! #Caregiving #Sleep #LifeHacks

Life hacks don't know how it would work with the shirt thing tho cause if dirt is packed on you, you can move at all

shit students say

College life - legit

perfect school

Interesting. If you're in an unsafe situation, hold your finger to the screen. When you're safe, let go and enter the 4-digit code. If you let go but aren't able to enter to code, help will be sent to your location. This is genius

life hack

Clever Ideas for Spring and Summer that are Borderline Genius. Life hacks