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  • Rane Dae

    Pink and Green Mama: St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Printmaking With Toilet Paper Tubes

  • Carissa V.

    * St. Patrick's Day Printmaking Project With Toilet Paper Tubes

  • Creative Cynchronicity

    shamrock printing done with tp can do this with green peppers too

  • Shahrooz Aziminia

    Shamrock printing using paper towel tube bent into a heart shape. How clever!

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All natural green ant killer for pennies and it works just as well as expensive poison! This natural ant killer can be used in a garden to sustain an organic environment.

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Threading a rainbow on pipe cleaners. Color matching, fine motor skills and eye hand coordination all in one activity!

Household hack: Use the memory jog of Daylight saving time, with spring forward and fall back, to remember to do some household chores you don't have to do very often!

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Springtime cuties

Mmm, chocolate

Cut hearts out of leaves and make into a heart leaf garland.

Lucky charm cupcakes and marshmallow buttercream for St. Patrick's Day

Printmaking with empty cardboard toilet paper tubes? You betcha!

Years ago I fell in love with this  Pot of Gold craft from Make and Takes and every year when I am brain storming St. Patrick’s Day crafts I keep going back to it. Well I wanted to make something similar for friends and family with materials I could get at the grocery store  , this is what I came up with !  Thanks to Marie for endless inspiration.

Objective: The third grade students will compare and contrast one of Jan Brett's earliest illustrated books with their previous conceptions of her work.

Well, this leprechaun pie is as green as it gets!  You can whip this up in no time and call yourself festive!  And the best part is that kids love it!  This delicious treat has a purpose: To find the leprechaun's gold. There is a fun printable poem that goes along with this treat, too.

Baby Food Jar Leprechaun Dust (Pistachio Instant Pudding Mix) Add Milk Put on an Irish Jig, and let the class shake their jars... Watch the MAGIC work as the mixture magically turns GREEN. Refrigerate, and have a festive St. Patty's afternoon pudding snack!

Looking for a way to spice up dinner conversation this St. Patrick’s Day season? You’ve come to the right place!!! Simply print the cards below, cut them out, and hide one under someone’s dinner plate each night during the 8 days leading up to St. Patrick’s Day.

Every holiday that comes around I always try to find some way to turn the Happy Buddy into something that represents that month.  For example, last month I turned the Happy Buddy into a bee for Valentine’s Day. It only seemed natural in the month of March to turn the Happy Buddy into a…

You may have already started on your quest to capture a leprechaun this St. Patrick’s Day season by using your Magic Leprechaun Finders. But the ultimate tool a Happy Home needs to capture those wee lil’ men is a Leprechaun Trap.

We all know that those little Leprechauns are tricky fellows! Legend has it that if you are able catch one they must tell you where their pot of gold is hidden! Doesn’t that sound fabulous?!? As we prepare for St. Patrick’s Day and Leprechauns begin to invade our Happy Homes – action must be taken!  We must gather our Happy Buddies and determine to uncover those greedy rascals!

Pot of Gold I've been wanting to make chocolate bowls for quite awhile. What better excuse than St. Patrick's day?

Rainbow Cookies Have you been as fascinated as I with all of the rainbow cakes and pancakes? What about some rainbow cookies? Perfect for St. Patrick's Day - don't you think?

april fool's soda

Lucky Penny printable