Gary Baseman 1 Custom Circus Punk

Custom Circus Punk "Blue Sunshine" by Melissa M Freeman

Circus Punks

'Foo Fee Circus Punk' by Friends with You and produced by Circus Punks.

Circus Punk Sign by KONGA7200, via Flickr

Circus Punk Sign by KONGA7200, via Flickr

Circus punk xD

Jeremyville - Mini Circus Punks

Rage Robot Circus Punk by Bob Dob

STRANGEco : Designer Toys, Art and Features : Mini Circus Punks Series 1 - Artman by Artman

Circus punks collection close up #2, via Flickr.

killer klowns from outer space circus punk by kingeswife, via Flickr

2013 Vintage Voodoo Doll Custom Munny Vinyl Toy with by Bumwhush | Vinyl Toys, Art, Culture, & Everything Inbetween: Ian Ziobrowski's Super Mario Bros. "Potranha" custom Foomi!

Carnival Punks Knock Down Doll

Large Circus Carnival Knock Down Cats « Griffin Trading Company

Carnival knock-over punks,1920s (via Urban Country)

Love these toys. Bad Boy's Toys.

Carnival Punk Yellow by PenniesFromHeavenDesigns, via Flickr

Gary Baseman's creamy (2013)

"Hypnotic Hermes" Artist: Gary Ham