Post Mortem woman???????????????Nope

Twins. Post Mortem subject on right

Victorian couple on a tandem bicycle. c.1890s

Vintage post mortem photo

post-mortem photography -

Online as 'Victorian post-mortem photos' - what, are they all supposed to be dead? Or is it the one standing with the solemn look on his face, or the girl sitting? Or maybe the sleeping baby (they do that a lot, you know - babies)? Looks like a normal family photo to me!

Memento Mori. Both are deceased.

Corpse Woman standing... memento mori (young woman held in a standing position by a wire framework)

Victorian Post Mortem Photo

NOT DEAD The man has painted eyes but it's likely that was done because he blinked. This wasn't a time when you could just retake the picture, if somebody blinked.

post mortem memento mori of deceased infant

Post Mortem Photography

Post-mortem photography

Post mortem

Genuinely creepy. POSSIBLE post mortem photo of the twin on the right. Stands were sometimes used to make the deceased seem alive. The R. Twins skin is discolored, the eyes are lifeless, arm hangs at his side and there's an unnatural leaning to his stance, whereas his brother has turned his head and is glancing up at him with trepidation. Live Siblings and surviving twins were often posed with their deceased siblings for post-mortem photos.

Post-mortem photography

Post Mortem

Post-mortem daguerreotype

Victorian Post Mortem