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"So dumb guys go for dumb girls and smart guys go for dumb girls. What do the smart girls get?" "Cats, mostly" - Phil Dunphy Love modern family!

5743. Yep now hand it over.


Funny pictures about Dear Millionaires. Oh, and cool pics about Dear Millionaires. Also, Dear Millionaires.


66 Funny Pictures You Will Absolutely Love

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Happiness is. Cuddling your pet. You just realized. Cuddling is when you hold your pet hostage and think enjoy it. haha yeah I can see that.

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Humor ecard: I wish I were a cat because the fatter you are

You may call me old fashioned… lol, long distance relationships suck. You can come out of the future any time now.

Funny pictures about Feel free to call me old fashioned. Oh, and cool pics about Feel free to call me old fashioned. Also, Feel free to call me old fashioned.

Some days lol

SO TRUE! But the sad thing is that my life is boring and I realize how bad it is.


22 Comics That Reveal What It's Really Like to Live With a Cat

40 Hilarious Issues That Only Cat Owners Will Understand. -- This is so true ☺

No need to flirt...

I Don't Need To Flirt I Will Seduce You With My awkwardness. I seriously need to learn how to flirt haha

This very accurately explains what is happening to me right this very second. #humor #funny #internet

Productive day?

Funny pictures about Productive day? Oh, and cool pics about Productive day? Also, Productive day?

wow, this is my life in a nut shell...... that is just sad.

weekend wishes

Funny pictures about Stages of procrastination. Oh, and cool pics about Stages of procrastination. Also, Stages of procrastination photos.

I like the last one.

Funny pictures about Holding doors. Oh, and cool pics about Holding doors. Also, Holding doors photos.