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optimism is a happiness magnet

Happiness is a CHOICE. You prescribe your own happiness. It's really ALL about the mindset. You are the only one in the way of your own happiness. Yes, there is a lot of negativity in the world but to be happy you have to learn to see past that and focus on everything positive in your life, and love yourself over anyone else.

"It's not the circumstances that create joy. It's you." Click for the AMAZING story behind this quote.

mieux suivre le bon chemin en boitant que le mauvais d'un pas ferme

Laugh and love

I'm working my HAPPINESS like a full time job -Gabrielle Berstein

Petit homme de ma vie que j'aime :) PLCharron <3 - Le Joli Rendez-Vous

"You always deserve to be the most important..." #saying #poster #quote #sign #important #love #life

Everyday vision: Stop taking things personally! I may have already pinned something like this, but if I have it is worth it again - as I SO need to remember this everyday.

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