How to use a shelf marker demo video

Sammy the Shelf marker...cute for elementary

Speed reading. Books were pulled from different shelves in the library for students to speed read (5-10 minutes). At the end of 5-10 minutes, students place the book face down and pass it to the right. The next student picks up the book at the signal and reads it. Process repeats until 10 minutes before class is over. In the last 10 minutes, students can share their favorite books. Great way to get students interested in books that they wouldn't normally choose.

Non Fiction Shelf Signs - Non Fiction Shelf Markers | All your Library Signange needs available from

Making Library e-Books on the e-Book Reader Visible blog post

Shelf art!

Print your standards on mailing labels to peel and stick into your lesson planner. Good way to make sure you teach all standards!

Shelf Marker Demo

Shelf care for kids

e-book shelf markers

Adopt a shelf

shelf end space themed stuff

Shelf markers for available ebooks

Library Shelf Signs - with Call Numbers

A new use for an old encyclopedia! Shelf markers in fiction.

Elf on the Shelf classroom activities

Library Shelf Signs - with Call Numbers

elf on the shelf in the classroom

School library shelf talkers. So cute!

Books from the bottom shelf - good display idea.

Dewey Lite: Shelf Signs (Part 1)