How to use a shelf marker demo video

Great Idea! Sammy the Shelfmarker-video to help teach kids how to use school library

Series labels...!

Dry erase circles. Who knew? They save me SO much instructional time during the day because I don't have to take time to hand out boards and markers then take them up. I keep a bucket at each table with markers and baby socks and the students get them out when we are working.

Mrs. Lodge's Library: Adopt a Shelf

Making Library e-Books on the e-Book Reader Visible blog post

Dewey Decimal Organization

Printable shelf-talker signs.

Simple, short video clip recognizing a form of bullying for young students

Shelf care for kids

What a great idea to promote reading! Shelf talkers. Students use an index card to write an advertisement about a book. Tape it to the shelf below the book!! My students would LOVE this!

Elementary Library Decoration Themes | RBE Library Decor : Ruth Borchardt Elementary Library

Library Centers - WHOLE SITE IS FANTASTIC!!! Especially like the shelf talk activity and read-alike bookmarks idea.

Elementary Librarian's Adopt-A-Shelf Program - Elementary Librarian

Great book care video.

Speed reading. Books were pulled from different shelves in the library for students to speed read (5-10 minutes). At the end of 5-10 minutes, students place the book face down and pass it to the right. The next student picks up the book at the signal and reads it. Process repeats until 10 minutes before class is over. In the last 10 minutes, students can share their favorite books. Great way to get students interested in books that they wouldn't normally choose.

upcycled vhs cases

Shelf Marker Demo song to the Hokey Pokey! Teaching Kinder about using shelf markers this week - what a great addition!

Print your standards on mailing labels to peel and stick into your lesson planner. Good way to make sure you teach all standards!

Series on a stick - awesome idea!

Cool video about the history of voting!