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    • VirtualHermit

      Hand sewn mocs by Paul Etgen

    • Caireann MacFhiodhbhuidhe

      Poppen Moccasins Love them, no more store bought manufactured foot wear for my tootsies ever!! My artheritis in my knee was so bad I could not stand or funtion without prescription medications. That was in 2010, after purchasing moccasins with in approximantely 2 months i was off my pain meds. I wear atheltic shoes to go canoeing and only then because of portaging and getting my feet wet. I wear nothing but moccosins period every day.

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    Barefoot Shoes, Poppen Moccasins, Canoeing, Athelt Shoes, Comforter Moccosin, Footwear, Sewing Ideas, Minimalist Shoes, Hands Sewn

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    Clunky hippie shoes---I can't believe I used to wear these! lol

    Written by Maurice H. Decker, Camping Editor of Outdoor Life Magazine, it originally appeared in the August 1937 issue of Popular Science. R.A. Schenk found it and republished it on April 9, 2010 on Mister Crew.

    converse moccasins

    Machado Handmade Portuguese Shoes - totally in love with these! They must cost a fortune...

    Popular During The 1940's And 1950's ~ The Saddle Oxford Was Fun To Wear And A Pain To Polish.