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Who is eligible for health insurance subsidies?

Lots of informative USA maps, including this: more than half of USA GDP is in these tiny orange areas.

The Most Popular Infographics Found Online

The Most Popular Infographics Found Online

“Most Popular Infographics you can find around the web”by designer and illustrator Alberto Antoniazzi.

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Employment discrimination (including unequal pay) is a key factor for why there are more women in poverty than men.

What Americans Earn - (NPR) With all the talk about what to do with the Bush tax cuts — and whether they should be extended for no one, everyone, or everyone under a certain income cutoff — we thought it made sense to check in on how much Americans actually make. Roughly 50,000 dollars. That's how much the median households makes in income and benefits per year. In other words, half of American households made less than 50,000 dollars and half made more.

What Americans Earn

NPR's planet money report on what Americans earned in 2010 -Map: Median Income By State

Infographic – Reality of being a mother

Health, clean drinking water, sanitation, and education are just a few of the issues that need improving for women and their families.


The electoral map from the 2012 presidential contest.Convention of the States: Solution or suicide?

daninrwd: “ The absurd contradictions of capitalism. ” I mean, they aren’t really contradictions when you think about what capitalism promises; property rights. People with more rights are more.