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Chart: The Illustrated History Of You Being Screwed By People Like Mitt Romney

The orange line represents how much your work productivity has increased in 40 years. The green line represents how much you get paid for your work. By Talking Points Memo.

Debunking Romney's Claim That It's Obama's War On Women (CHARTS)

New Report Creates Confusion, Spin Over Obama Budget (CHART)

Without #equalpay, women earn an average of $10,784 less every year. What could someone buy with that money?

11 Shocking Things The Richest Americans Could Do For The Country (But Never Would)

Have You Talked with Your Kids About Pledging Allegiance? | Psychology Today I need to finish reading this sometime...

"At the click - Levar Burton explains how not to get shot by the police... [the Bloggess] used this dozens of times this week to help explain that just because you don’t see racism doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. There’s something about the guy who raised us on Reading Rainbow talking about fearing for his life that makes most people at least pause and think a bit about the world as it is, and as we want it to be. And that’s a good thing."