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    Training Children to be Independent (by age)

    Teaching children how to have good character.

    Busy Kids = Happy Mom: Life Skills

    Hard lessons for kids...

    Legos, toys teddy bears, crayons and a nude board I saw on one kids pinterest.......poor show of policing pinterest..very disappointed guys. Kids should NOT be on here.

    FINALLY! THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR! You do not get paid for chores because it's an expected part of being a family. Allowance is teaching children how to manage money. Thank you, Pinterest. Now I have a place to start.

    Chores by age Chart - What kids should be able to do at what age.

    STOP doing that for your kids! You are doing more harm than good!

    Five Love Languages of Children - click here for a free printable. Really learn how to love your child. Love first, then discipline and teaching can follow. NTA ~also useful for working with adults and couples

    Great list, adults even need this list these days!

    20 Conversation Starters for Kids - FREE PRINTABLE

    15 things a Mom should teach her boys

    As in any relationship of depth and value, trust must be established with our children and continually cultivated as they mature through their teen and early adult years. But, we don’t always do that, do we? Sometimes we sin against our kids. Sometimes we break fellowship with them through harsh words or actions. "How To Restore Relationship with our Children" - Matthew L. Jacobson

    Something to think about

    Life Skills For Children: We have compiled 10 skills for you that will help you understand the importance of life skills for children which are very useful and universally acknowledged for kids to learn. #parenting

    Tantrum tamers! Here are the top 12 ways to manage your child's meltdowns.

    Kids chores on appropriate age scale.

    {Think Before You Speak} 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Yell At Your Children

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    Pinner says...This is the best (and fastest) way to tie shoes. I even teach the kids when I'm subbing. It blows their minds.