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Vin Diesel

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I love Vin(: even though everyone thinks he's gay...

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there is a reason when u google search for "vin diesel" it corrects to "vin diesel body"... I just think he might be one of the finest thing out there.... AL

Vin Diesel-for my mother Sooooo love him!

Vin Diesel - the TOP of my list (and you don't know how long I took to decide which picture of him should make the cut!) There may be more to follow!

Vin Diesel - I don't usually re-post stuff like this, but this man is MY AGE! Oh. My. GRACIOUS. By thee gods, if he can look this good at 45, I can at LEAST get back in my skinny jeans!

Vin and Paul...i am going to make myself cry in school if i keep looking at these.

Random candid... /smile P.s. Fast updates incoming this week... and the new Riddick film release date... keep you posted...

Vin Diesel -Fast and Furious