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Better pick some of these wild mustards or they'll soon be growing higher than the barn doors....................

Barn #1 by Jennifer Hartnett-Henderson, via Flickr: So Me!!

The surroundings, Queen Anne's lace and clover, are of more interest than the barn.

Hay bales and barns, Massachusetts by Photographic Poetry

Silo designed by Alvar Aalto in Toppila, Oulu (Finland) v.2 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

The barn that will hold 4 horses, cats, dogs and possibly some tea-cup pigs. On the other side will hold our boat, 4 wheelers, ski-dos, sea-dos, and everything else that is for the outdoors. We'll host barn parties up in the top half of the barn and also have a spare bedroom.. The bathroom and shower will be in the downstairs to wash-up before you head back into the house.

Big red barn in Greenland ♥ (could see this as an image transfer after a little software tweaking/lp)

America's country side....Wouldn't it to be nice just to ride through this country....That is what Anthony Hopkins does...He became an American citizen a couple years ago, and he just rides all over the states....Vanity Fair wanted an interview, and he said: Fine me....They found him in Oklahoma just riding the back roads......He said he's so happy here and in his car....

This reminds me of Dorothy. Feels like there should be a tornado in the background and a girl in a blue checkered dress with her dog in the foreground.

GL: Something like this as the starting point / underlying architecture, please. We may wind up building a new structure with new eco-friendly tech that only looks like a converted barn... Or, we may buy an old barn, disassemble it, and use it for parts in the crafting of the FutureCastle.