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She used to be our other best friend until she bought a bra. Now she won't speak to us. hahaha

The world is your palette, and fingernails your canvas. | 25 Important Fashion Lessons From "Lizzie McGuire"

Best disney channel series ever of all time.

Oh my goshhhh this was the best show ever! If you're a girl and didn't watch this growing up, you literally had no childhood hahaha.

Kaitlyn Marie Marie Bleiweiss So I never did ask you what you thought of your "first" time seeing the greatest movie ever ;)

"This is the middle of the night!" Exactly what I think when I wake up to get to school by 630 -.-

I feel like my friends are like that sometimes.

You know what would be the best present in the world? If I got all of Lizzie McGuire on DVD...I'd watch it every day!!!