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    What Is Kaolin Clay: Tips On Using Kaolin Clay In The Garden

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    Nasturtiums are edible and they help protect your tomato and squash plants from pests

    Anybody can have a garden - 66 Things You Can Grow in Containers

    Testing Moisture In Plants: How To Gauge Soil Moisture In Plants - Adequate moisture is critical for growing plants successfully. For most plants, too much water is more dangerous than not enough. The key is to learn how to gauge soil moisture effectively, indoors and out, and this article can help.

    It's fragrant, fast-growing, green, and compliments fruits, vegetables and meats. It's also its own ice cream flavor. So what's not to love about mint? If you've ever grown the herb, you know where I'm going with this, but if you haven't and are interested: read on for the dos and don'ts of successfully growing mint in your home garden.

    My Asparagus Is Too Thin: Causes For Thin Asparagus Spears - Asparagus can be a challenging vegetable in the garden, but if you take good care of this hardy plant, it’ll produce dependable and predictable harvests. Discover what you’re missing should you get thin asparagus spears in this article.

    Diatomaceous Earth is a super-fine dust that kills by abrading and dehydrating crawling insects. It controls slugs, ants, cockroaches, earwigs, fleas, and other crawling insects without the use of chemicals.

    Brew a pot of coffee and let it cool. Pour into spray bottle and spray on plants. It freaks out the bugs and gives your plants (if they are the type that need it) a tiny shot of nitrogen.

    Pruning Jade Plants: Tips For Jade Plant Trimming

    Hardy Orchid Plants: Growing Hardy Orchids In The Garden

    What Is Winter Burn: How To Care For Winter Burn In Evergreens

    What Is Side Dressing: What To Use For Side Dressing Crops And Plants

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    What Is Potash: Using Potash In The Garden

    Curled Leaves On Citrus Plant: What To Do For Curling Citrus Leaves

    Grafting Trees: What Is Tree Grafting - Grafted trees reproduce the fruit, structure and characteristics of a similar plant in which you are propagating. Trees grafted from vigorous rootstock will grow faster and develop quicker. Most grafting is done in the winter or early spring while both rootstock and scion plants are dormant.

    About The Calathea Peacock Plant: Information On How To Grow A Peacock Plant

    So useful right now: a visual guide to houseplants, according to their need for light.