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Beer As Fertilizer – Is Beer Good For Plants And Lawns

Some thoughts on the best use of beer in the garden - using it as fertilizer may be a myth, but it's still a tried and true slug deterrent.


How to Grow Apples Without Pesticides -

Grow your own organic apples! Plant trees in either spring or fall. Explains how to: choose disease resistant varieties, use permaculture techniques like guilding, prune branches and thin flowers, bag young fruit to protect from pests, and identify nutrient deficiencies.:

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A DIY Organic Garden Insect Spray That Works!

garden tips doy organic insect spray, gardening, go green, pest control

Nasturtiums are edible and they help protect your tomato and squash plants from pests

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How To Create A Strawberry Planter Garden

Gardening With Strawberry Jars - Strawberry jars aren't just for strawberries anymore. Nowadays they're used for growing nearly any kind of plant imaginable. Learn more about gardening with strawberry jars in this article.


Natural Solutions for a Pesticide-Free Garden

For pesticide-free gardening, use our natural solutions to protect yourself and your garden! #Gardening

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Potash And Plants – Learn About Potash In Soil And Potash Fertilizer

What Is Potash: Using Potash In The Garden

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Hardy Orchid Care – How To Grow A Hardy Chinese Ground Orchid

Hardy Orchid Plants: Growing Hardy Orchids In The Garden

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Creating a Buried Pot Garden

Submerge pots to control growth of spreading plants/herbs.

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Soil Moisture Monitoring – Tips On Checking Plant Moisture In Pots And Gardens

Testing Moisture In Plants: How To Gauge Soil Moisture In Plants - Adequate moisture is critical for growing plants successfully. For most plants, too much water is more dangerous than not enough. The key is to learn how to gauge soil moisture effectively, indoors and out, and this article can help.

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Saving Basil Seed – How To Harvest Basil Seeds From Plants

Basil Seed Collecting: Tips For Harvesting Basil Seeds

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Skinny Asparagus Stalks – Reasons Shoots On Asparagus Are Thin

My Asparagus Is Too Thin: Causes For Thin Asparagus Spears - Asparagus can be a challenging vegetable in the garden, but if you take good care of this hardy plant, it’ll produce dependable and predictable harvests. Discover what you’re missing should you get thin asparagus spears in this article.

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Fertilizer Side Dressing Information – How To Side Dress Garden Plants

What Is Side Dressing: What To Use For Side Dressing Crops And Plants

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Common Moonwort Information – How To Grow Moonwort Ferns

Moonwort Fern Care: Tips For Growing Moonwort Ferns

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Jade Plant Pruning - How To Prune A Jade Plant

Pruning Jade Plants: Tips For Jade Plant Trimming