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"Im a gummy bear, a gummy gummy bear..." Sister shoves a handful of gummy bears in my mouth to make me stop singing.

when i am being nostalgic: Vodka infused Gummi Bears. 5 day process that may be worth it.

Drunk Gummies I've also seen recipes saying soak for 3 days in alcohol, then add fruit drink and for two days - keep in the fridge and shake the bowl once a day. Have to try this!

Jello Shots? Out. Vodka infused Gummi-Bears? In! I have being trying to make this decision allll day!

Vodka Gummy Bears. Soak in vodka for 3-5 days. Look and feel just like the bears, only bigger. You can do it with gummy worms too! NEW YEARS!

Stolichnaya Vodka infused with fresh pineapple, chilled and served straight up - the Capital Grille's signature cocktail.

Coffee Infused Vodka. Yum, might be good with a strong flavored coffee.

White Gummy ever!! Strawberry vodka...peach scnapps...7up.. I'll have to try this!