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    Paul Newman

    Paul Newman

    • Madison Lake

      History Of Sex, Part 46: Paul Newman, actor, race car driver, philanthropist, a grade A hottie, and a faithful husband. One of the famous Jewish read more, click on the photo of this hottie. #race #history #sex #driver #paulnewman #faithful #hottie

    • B. Austin

      Paul Newman. Seriously coolest guy ever. Married coolest woman ever, started a company that donates ALL profits to charity, bought out his full contract from a studio because he didn't like the movies they were making, race car driver, lived on east coast just to be around "real people" rather than live the fancy Hollywood lifestyle.

    • Kaylin McFarren - Author

      Paul Newman - By far one of the most handsome men that ever lived! He will always be one of my favorite and most memorable actors.

    • Cas Marino

      Before the salad dressing, there was just this. Paul Newman. Brilliant actor. Beloved father. Lifelong (hers) marriage to one partner. New empire and respectable practices in a totally different sector. And a physical form that is exquisite and ages majestically. THIS, my friends, is my definition of Man, and of Male Beauty.

    • Landi Fugate

      Paul Newman is such a goregous man... best thing about him, he is completely devoted to his wife!

    • Mikayla Bean

      One of THE greatest American Actors Hollywood had the pleasure of working with-- Paul Newman

    • Eva Miranda

      Afternoon eye candy: Paul Newman (29 photos) - paul-newman-21

    • Buck Bauer

      Paul Newman. (The following quote is from Kate Burns)"I recently watched the movie Hud with Newman starring as the sexy bad boy. I was looking forward to lots of manly hot body action. I was SHOCKED by how slim and non muscular he was. How, imperfect he was. How his body was so, normal. I mean, he was lovely, but in comparison to the men we see now on screen he was scrawny and normal looking. I was struck by how much bigger and more developed men are expected to be now. How much larger their shoulders and pecks are in comparison to then. That movie would not have been made with him in that shape now. He would have been forced into the gym to work out and get into the standard man movie star shape. A completely different shape to what he naturally was. The gap between reality and expectations are huge now for men as well as women. How sad."

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    Paul Newman photographed on a Water Taxi, Venice 1963

    Paul Newman

    Paul Newman

    Paul Newman

    Paul Newman photographed by David Sutton on the set of Winning (1969)

    paul newman/joanne woodward. #abcLoveList

    swoon... Paul Newman



    Paul Newman

    Paul Newman, cowboy

    Paul Newman

    Paul Newman

    Paul Newman - who could resist those deep blue eyes

    Paul Newman

    Paul Newman.

    Paul Newman

    Paul Newman ♥