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    Aztec dancer, day of the dead celebration

    Aztec dancer

    Shaman. There's something dark about those long, sharp horns. I love it. I wonder what culture this is.

    Court of the Dead | Fumetteria Inchiostro & Tempera | Pagina...

    Aztec Costumes | Aztec dancer preforms during the day of the dead event.

    Orishas shaman

    Gothic fashion

    Plague Doctor mask meets Venetian Masquerade or Carnivale style. Beautiful.

    Raven mask - Live food doesn't interest ravens; they prefer dead things, like roadkill and other birds' eggs. In fact ravens hold funerals for their dead. One bird will guard the body and rattle a death song, letting the other ravens know what has occured. They will form circle around the corpse, and dance round and round, croaking softly from deep within their throats. For this reason, the ancient Celts and other tribal people associated the raven with death Goddesses.

    Givenchy by Alexander McQueen F/W 1997 Haute couture

    The Kiss of Death located at Barcelona's Poblenou Cemetery.


    Ilazki is the Basque Goddess of the Moon. She is the daughter to Lur, the Goddess of the Earth, and sister of Eguzki, Goddess of the Sun. As the light of the night, Ilazki was believed to give light to the souls of the dead, and graves often had pictures of the moon on them. It was believed to be most favorable to die when the moon was in its first phase, so that the soul of the deceased would grow as the moon did. Ilazki’s name, means “light of the dead."



    Aztec Dancer


    Angel of Death from Hellboy II by Spectral Motion. Museum at Monsterpalooza 2012

    Mask by Janny Dangerous

    Aztec Mermaid Tank - I like this idea! Could do one with images from books including Ariel and Spiderwick, not to mention Ruth Manning-Sanders and The Secret world of Mermaids