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SAFE! TO BE DESTROYED 10/27/14 ** BABY ALERT! Mattie was displaying fearful behavior. Does not seek attention from the assessor, becomes afraid as approach and retreats; i was able to pet and pick her up and no fractious behavior was display ** Brooklyn Center My name is MATTIE. My Animal ID # is A1018242. I am a female brn tabby and white domestic sh mix. The shelter thinks I am about 6 MONTHS old. I came in as a STRAY on 10/21/2014 from NY 11207, Group/Litter #K14-199189.

SAFE! TO BE DESTROYED 10/21/14 ** SECOND CHANCE FOR BEAUTIFUL PANTHER KITTY!! Finder stated that Papo is really friendly! ** Manhattan Center My name is PAPO. My Animal ID # is A1017552. I am a male black and white amer sh mix. The shelter thinks I am about 3 YEARS old. I came in the shelter as a STRAY on 10/15/2014 from NY 11103

TO BE DESTROYED 4/4/14- Manhattan Center My name is TURTLE. My Animal ID # is A0995041. I am a female calico and white domestic sh mix. The shelter thinks I am about 1 YR 1 MO old. I came in the shelter as a STRAY on 03/28/2014 fr NY 10460…

Gone but NOT forgotten- TO BE DESTROYED 3/4/14 **POOR BOY HAS A FRACTURED RIGHT HIND LEG & IS SUFFERING - PLEASE GRANT JINX A DEATH ROW PARDON!!!* Brooklyn Center My name is JINX. My Animal ID # is A0992806. I am a male brn tabby domestic sh mix. The shelter thinks I am about 2 YEARS old. I came in the shelter as a STRAY on 02/28/2014 from NY 11428.

TO BE DESTROYED 3/20/15 *NYC* Brooklyn Center * A volunteer writes: Island probably got her name because she wants you to be calm. At first, she will be nervous and will watch your every move. After half a minute of letting her sniff me, she flopped over and showed her tummy. I gently pet her and the purring started! * My name is ISLAND. ID # A1028963. I am a female black and white dom sh mix. I am about 2. I came in on 02/27/2015 from NY 11238, ABANDON. Group/Litter #K15-005249.

NYC Senior TO BE DESTROYED 2014/04/30 My name is SAKI. My Animal ID # is A0997798.female black & white.a 9 YEARS old.STRAY,480&fbid=782533685097954#!/nycurgentcats/photos/a.782533618431294.1073742287.220724831278845/782533708431285/?type=3&theater

NYC **Amazing Little Guy** TO BE DESTROYED 03/25/15 LUCIANO loves to play, enjoys petting, uses a scratch post, loves to cuddle & be picked up, & is more shy, hides a lot.. Has lived & friendly with Pit Bull ID #A1031098. Male brn tabby & white about 2 YEARS OWNER LOST HOME :(

NYC TO BE DESTROYED May 15'14 KIMBA.ID #A0998472.Male white and gray domestic sh mix.about 6 YEARSold.owner surrender reason stated was COST!/nycurgentcats/photos/a.790818960936093.1073742303.220724831278845/790819044269418/?type=3&permPage=1

This sweetie is Hannah. She is a well-mannered senior citizen who is looking to be a companion for a lucky someone. She was adopted out 10 years ago by Animal Friends and living with that family until recently when she was surrendered to another...

NYC **Passive Sweet Kitten** TO BE DESTROYED 03/12/15 CHAI retreats upon approach, but remains neutral, she looks at the assessor with focused, but relaxed eyes & allows touch. ID #A1029349. Female black about 5 MONTHS old. OWNER HOSP. I came in with Group/Litter #K15-004879.