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James E. West, research prof at Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering, is known as the co-inventor of the foil-electret transducer, an inexpensive highly sensitive device that revolutionized the sound industry & is now the basis of sound transmission in most cell phones, hearing aids, professional microphones, and other acoustical equipment. In a career at Bell Lab of more than 40 yrs, he earned 47 U.S. and over 200 foreign patents for a range of technological inventions & innovations.

Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922), inventor of the telephone. Bell would have been known to history simply as Alexander Bell, but he was highly jealous of his brothers’ middle names and asked for and received one for his 11th birthday. His interest in acoustics developed during his childhood through his experiences with his deaf mother, influencing his later work with the deaf and experimentation with sound.

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African American History Inventors List! You will be suprise at what black inventors created that we use today

African American Inventors List | African American History Inventors List! You will be suprise at what ...

Clara Mae Luper was one of the early leaders of the civil rights movement in Oklahoma in the 50s. She was arrested 26 times for her civil rights activities. She led sit-ins to end segregation all over Ok. She was a candidate for the US Senate in 1972, and developed Black Voices Magazine in the the late 70s.


You Know These 25 Moments In History, But You Won't Realize It. Wait Til #4.

Famous Moments In History, From A Different Angle: 1989 - Traffic jam in Berlin as the border between East and West Germany opens.

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Vietnam-Era Zippos Engraved With Soldier's Personalities

This collection of Vietnam War lighters was assembled and sourced by Bradford Edwards for his book “Vietnam Zippos” and the 282 lighters were recently available for auction. The engravings range from sentimental to shocking, and together they paint a unique, personalized picture of the U.S. troops during Vietnam.

Dr. Ernest Everett Just (8-14-1883 – 10-27-1941) was a pioneering African American biologist, academic & science writer. His main legacy is his recognition of the fundamental role of the cell surface in the development of organisms. He sought the truth using scientific methods and inquiry; was bold enough to challenge the theories of leading biologists of the 19th/20th centuries. He added to our understanding of the process of artificial parthenogenesis and the physiology of cell…

Today in Black History, 3/13/2014 - Anne Wiggins Brown was the first African American vocalist admitted to the Julliard School in 1928. For more info, check out today's blog!

How elegant! Here was a debutante ball in the late 1950s, or possibly early 1960s. The hair and dresses are just so elegant! (And the couples look rather smashing, too!)

Today in Black History, 4/28/2014 - Ann Petry was the first African American woman writer to have a novel called, "The Street" sell more than a million copies. For more info, check out today's blog!


36 Amazing Photos From History That Most People Have Never Seen Before

Amazing Photos From History That Most People Have Never Seen Before

Ciallagalena Cobb Williams, circa 1915 "Discover the true story and history of Treme, New Orleans as seen on HBO. Featuring local musicians, artists, dancers, and writers. FAUBOURG TREME: The Untold Story of Black New Orleans retraces the fascinating and unique history of America’s oldest black neighborhood."

Bertha Parker Pallan [Cody] (1907-1978) is considered one of the first female Native American archaeologists. The caption to this photograph said that Bertha Pallan was an "expedition secretary" who was demonstrating "the difference in size of early type [small] and large type atlatl darts from Gypsum Cave." In 1936, Bertha married Iron Eyes Cody (1904-1999). In the 1950s, they hosted a television program explaining Indian history and folklore and served as technical advisers on several…

Sarcophagus of Horkhebit, Late Period, Dynasty 26, ca. 590 b.c. Egyptian; From Saqqara Basalt