Simple Machine Project with all 6

Six Simple Machine Project Using All Six Machines - Rube Goldberg

visual learning tool on how machines work #kidsapps

Newton's Laws of Motion… Simplified - a great list of Newton's laws with activities to demonstrate each one to kids. Love this!

Can you build a tower that will support a tennis ball AND use all the supplies?

Crayon Organizational Labels Creekside Teacher Tales but could be used to organize markers, construction paper, color pencils, color groups of any kind!

Rube Goldberg

het leven in een ruimteschip

Teach students about the lever, wheel and axle, pulley, screw, wedge, and inclined plane with this downloadable lesson sheet on simple machi...

Rube Goldberg Video for teaching about simple machines.

Come Swim With Jellies video of beautiful jellyfish swimming #homeschool

Simple Machines

The Cup Challenge: Teach your students how to work in cooperative groups with this simple and fun challenge.

In this hands-on engineering project, kids use two simple machines, levers and inclined planes, to construct their own pinball machines. Using the engineering design process and easy-to-find materials like straws and cardboard, kids can create an endless variety of games.

A Simple Heat Experiment for Kids

Simple Machines

Bill Nye on Simple Machines! (Video)

Color mixing with light refraction. Simple experiment to learn about mixing colors AND light refraction.

STRAW WAVES - HOW TO Only two materials needed. Perfect teaching tools for demonstrating the movement of waves, and frequency.

"Teaching Mechanics with simple machines"

Kids can build a catapult and launch something fun while learning catapult science at the same time