I love this photo because the author uses the use of line very well in the photo. Also, the photographer uses proportion very well with the swings and the Ferris wheel.

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Hoboken, New Jersey, 1954, photo by Elliott Erwitt


moment earthshaking-the shutter speed is slowed making the swings appear in motion and gives off an earthshaking sort of appeal

I love these.

le cirque

Rollercoaster: This picture looks eerie, like a very old rollercoaster at an even older theme park. One that isn't exactly up to code, but people still go to it because of all the memories that they have there.

Willow smiled "Want to go to the amusement park?"

Light: Reflected, I chose this picture because the blue sky and the clouds reflect off of the mirrors of the building.

Lonely at Snow :(

A photograph for the generations. Great idea!

The solitude almost scares me. Underwater photography - Enric Adrian Gener


Frame worthy

ferris wheel

Its all in how you look at things . . .

bike rides

so much fun.