• Lela Raine

    Anchor Charts How Do You Have A Really Good Partner Discussion, How to take care of books, reading strategies.

  • Katie Beckett

    Partner Discussions for buddy books

  • Jill Tomkins

    great site for classroom charts

  • Cindy Lawrence

    Great anchor charts including, good-partner-discussion

  • Debbie Lilly

    Anchor Charts: Partner Discussion. I will make this chart Kindergarten friendly with pictures.

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small group organization...love the ideas here...super inspiring for simple planning!

GROUPS Acronym -- Good for group work!

Close Reading...a fun little post and a close reading freebie!

This is a great strategy for increasing engagement in your students and for using higher order thinking skills, whether you teach Kindergarten or grade twelve

Amazing foldable for coordinate graphs!!

Shelf Talkers: students complete shelf talker to recommend a book. Model with first classroom read aloud. Shelf talker must contain: title of book, author, color, eye-catching illustration, persuasive language, and teaser summary of book giving setting, character(s), problem, plot preview, description of author's style.

36 Clever DIY Ways To Decorate Your Classroom

Character traits blog post! I would have students look for quotes to support the trait on the card

this is a great idea...

Use Class Dojo to give points to Tables instead of just students. Or teacher vs. students

This would HAVE to get kids to add their name!!!

Landforms FREEBIE (Save for next year??) and Destruction

6 Tips Teachers Should Be Able to Do on Google Docs ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Commonly Misspelled Words

4th grade classroom design theinspiredapple.... ...

Fun songs to reinforce long vowels sounds!

There is an add-on specifically for Google Forms that will AUTOMATICALLY grade responses! It reduced my grading tremendously!

Teaching Parts of Speech can be a TON of fun....video clips, mentor texts, and some F.U.N. interactive writing!

I really want to try this!! How to run book clubs in the classroom....I think I could actually handle this :)

Literature Circles are the way to go with the new CC

The Common Core Standards for grades 3 through 8 require students to be able to use knowledge of roots and affixes to determine the meaning of unknown words. This easy to use collection of colorfully illustrated word wall cards will help them do just that! There are over 200 cards illustrating the meaning of the most common roots, stems, and prefixes found in academic texts. The cards are designed for maximum visibility: simple borders, bold type, and high contrast pictures.

Socratic Seminar for a large class

Love that this journal is so simple. Post picture of historical figure on the left and put your notes on the right.

Expand An Image - Great idea!