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Photographer Heinz Maier – macro insects

Photographer Heinz Maier – macro insects

Spanish Moon Moth, native to Spain and France; ...they are huge - their wingspan can be 2.5 inches to almost 4 inches wide!;  males have much longer 'tails'

kellyvivanco: Lepidoptera — Graellsia isabellae — Spanish Moon Moth This moth is like living Art Nouveau.

This male moon moth, Graellsia isabellae x Actias dubernardi (a hybrid), is from China/Europe

Half-Spanish half-Chinese (Graellsia isabellae x Actias dubernardi) hybrid captive bred almost certainly for its rarity value rather than for any scientific or ecological reason.

The Monarch...  They represent a new transformed life...  They also represent the souls of the dead...

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Un aqua moth! J'ai trouvé ce papillon à la fin de l'excursion! c'est vraiment très rare de trouver cette espèce! j'espère que ça me portera chance!

Kind of an odd place for this pin but the colors in this moth are so beautiful and would make a nice color theme. Beautiful aqua moth with gold and white markings

Garden Tiger moth which normally flies at night and is less often seen than its Woolly Bear caterpillars.

Garden tiger moth - Arctia caja The best color combinations are inspired by nature.

Milionia basalis pyrozona...

Milionia basalis pyrozona Milionia basalis (Geometridae) is a species of moth found in Japan, N. Himalaya, Burma and Sundaland, which occurs in a number of distinct races. The brilliant colored M.

hot pink and mustard moth

I once looked after two of these moths since they were caterpillars. these great creatures are proof not all moths are gross

Sunset Moth <3<3 a day-flying moth

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MADAGASCAN SUNSET MOTH (Chrysiridia rhipheus) ©InsaneShelton/Jennifer Shelton The Madagascan sunset moth or simply sunset moth, is a day-flying moth. It is considered to be one of the most impressive and beautiful Lepidoptera.