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Dinosaurs the TV show was the best thing ever ! I use to watch this all the time as a kid !

Don't act like you don't miss this combo

"Not the Momma!" "I'm the baby, gotta love me!" Dinosaurs, loved that show!

Not the mama!

I'm the baby, gotta love me, big purple eyes and very cuddly! This was one of my favorite tv shows growing up. NOT THE MAMA!

It's alright cuz I'm Saved by the Bell!

Saved by the Bell Voted Best School TV Show Ever!

"Wake up in the morning alarm gives outta warnin' I don't think I'll ever make it on time. By the time I grab my books and give myself a look, I'm at the corner just in time to see the bus fly by! It's alright, cause I'm saved by the bell" had to watch

Another cartoon the boys watched

animaniacs (cartoons of the Vintage Cartoon Glasses Walt Disney TV shows in the 1950 Saturday morning cartoons at the movies.

Loved all these shows, including salute your shorts and hey dude among others lol!!

Old school Nickelodeon - Legends of the hidden temple was my fav.

But when I was MUCH younger, we would rent Beta tapes!!

You were a kid in the if. you remember renting VHS tapes, not DVDs. (You were a kid in the if you remember renting DVDs, not going to Nextflix. >Be Kind, Please Rewind!

I just realized that some of these.....in 2016-possibly, 2017, that they are coming back. WOAH.

90's forever!

Makes you miss your childhood like crazy. When was the last time I even had French Toast Crunch?