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Yeny Diaz
Yeny Diaz • 2 years ago

Apostolic/Pentecostal hair

  • Wendy Chastain
    Wendy Chastain • 1 year ago

    Biotin works wonderfully!!! My nails have NEVER been long and they are now...only took a couple of weeks of regular use, too.

  • whitney.
    whitney. • 1 year ago

    Her hair is beautiful but has got to be heavy. I keep mine long, not that long, and goodness it gets to be a pain.

  • Lumen Caeli
    Lumen Caeli • 1 year ago

    Aw, this pic makes me miss my hair... used to be almost that long.

  • Michelle Daniely
    Michelle Daniely • 1 year ago

    @Joi Elece Richard the length of your hair is not dependent on your nationality (color). Being black does not mean that your hair won't grow or won't grow to "classic" length.

  • Bruce Bonds
    Bruce Bonds • 1 year ago

    Great hair!!

  • Anslee Daniel
    Anslee Daniel • 1 year ago

    It looks so healthy

  • Sassy Falda
    Sassy Falda • 1 year ago

    I've read the scriptures on hair. It flat out says not to cut your hair. If you do, it's a shame. Not my opinion, just what the Bible says.

  • Courtney Wilder
    Courtney Wilder • 1 year ago

    There is nothing wrong with getting your hair cut, and if you are reading from the old testament you are under the impression of an old law. The old testament is old, the new testament is what we are to follow. There is no scripture in the bible saying you should never cut your hair.

  • Jessica Harrison
    Jessica Harrison • 1 year ago

    @Lori LaFave: thank you for saying that! I have ALWAYS believed that God looks at your heart, not your outer appearance! PERIOD! I just prayed back through to the Holy Ghost, last night, after a few years, and it was a wonderful experience, I'm in love with Jesus now, more than I ever have been, but I know better to believe that He looks at our outer appearance!

  • Nikki Avila
    Nikki Avila • 1 year ago

    I think it's more symbolic and don't agree with the practices but I choose not to condemn anyone of there preferences @ Jessica. I don't believe that was God's heart or yours but from reading what you wrote I can only believe you expressed a religious point of view. Again I don't believe it was your heart to say it that way.

  • Ashley Spinks
    Ashley Spinks • 1 year ago

    i used to be apostolic, i dont like to argue online bt who can determine what should still be law not from teh old and new testament... i mean its all from God in the Bible right? where does it say we should only follow the new testament? people determine what they want outof the bible and they try and tell others whats right. its all open for interpretation.

  • Nikki Avila
    Nikki Avila • 1 year ago

    @ashley awesome!

  • Celinda Wilson
    Celinda Wilson • 1 year ago

    Actually if you read the Bible, you will find that because of the new covenant God made, that is where the following of the new testament arises. There are scriptures, but at 2am in the morning, with a now full prego belly and heavy eyelids... I shall refrain. Everything in the Bible is not meant for us to follow, and we must be careful of those who do choose to pick scriptures and misinterpret them. All in love and good night/ morning.

  • Charissa Huff
    Charissa Huff • 1 year ago

    Actually I does say not to cut your hair in the nt. If you look at 1corinthians chapter 11:5-6 and 11:14-15. If you read verse 15 it says the word "long" when translated back to the original writing the word used here actually means "uncut." the Bible also talks about us being separate, if we look like the world, are we not of the world. Just food for thought :) God bless!

  • Charissa Huff
    Charissa Huff • 1 year ago

    And your hair is gorgeous! Love love love it :)

  • Liz A.
    Liz A. • 1 year ago

    It has to be a bitch to keep clean, bible or no.

  • Kelsey Whitehead
    Kelsey Whitehead • 1 year ago

    Such beautiful hair!! One of my best friends is apostolic and I have always been jealous of her beautiful long blonde hair! I have been growing my hair out for years and it still comes no where close to hers. SO PRETTY!

  • Amanda Russell Felhofer

    Agreed completely, Charissa!!!

  • Charissa Huff
    Charissa Huff • 1 year ago

    Thanks Amanda! :)

  • Karen Crews
    Karen Crews • 1 year ago

    Regardless of anyone's convictions, I think she has beautiful hair.

  • Chantel Federico
    Chantel Federico • 1 year ago

    Charissa hit the nail on the head!! Her hair is certainly beautiful! And to Liz A., it isn't that hard to keep clean - mine is about 2in short that hers and it is so easy to maintain. Plus it's beautiful!! I'd rather spend 10 extra minutes on my hair than 10 minutes putting on makeup.

  • Jessica Johns-Velasquez

    What about people who get migraines from their hair. I have wry thick hair and at shoulder length with hair pinned up I get massive headaches. I really think that in the end God doesn't care what our hair looks like but what our heart looks like.

  • Kaysha Morgan
    Kaysha Morgan • 1 year ago

    There needn't be a controversy! If she chooses to keep her hair long as part of her spiritual journey, fantastic. My niece is Pentecostal and dresses modestly (no jeans or pants, she wears long dresses and long skirts as well as shirts which do not show cleavage, etc.) and does not wear make-up or jewelry. Her appearance alone shows others there is something different about her. Christians don't NEED to do such to be Christians and/or follow the Bible, but if someone chooses to, let them be. And, yes, the girl in this photo has very healthy-looking long hair!

  • Elisabeth James
    Elisabeth James • 1 year ago

    WOW! Someone posts a picture of their beautiful hair, and everyone want to go ape crazy and argue Bible.

  • Lady Sugar
    Lady Sugar • 1 year ago

    there are some things the bible is clear about..women and hair cutting is one of them. I choose not to argue something so clear i'll just appreciate the hair..LOVELY!

  • Jessica Kirkwood
    Jessica Kirkwood • 1 year ago

    Praying that my hair get that longx

  • Jessica Kirkwood
    Jessica Kirkwood • 1 year ago

    *gets that long!

  • Leah Swindell
    Leah Swindell • 1 year ago

    Read Covered by Love by Lori Wagner. The bible clearly states not to cut the hair. This book explains the uncut mystery-its so much more than hair.

  • Lisa Murty
    Lisa Murty • 1 year ago

    Lots of hair donations there!

  • Tammie Callahan
    Tammie Callahan • 1 year ago

    I have migraines from a car accident years where I broke my neck. I'm Pentecostal and my hair is to the floor. The migraines are from the accident not from my hair. According to scripture a woman's hair is her glory. If you read 1 Corinthians 11:5-15 it should clear up this discussion about hair. By the way, "shorn" means cut short.

  • Kayla Sassano
    Kayla Sassano • 1 year ago

    thats my hair everybody ! :)

  • Gianelle Genao
    Gianelle Genao • 1 year ago

    So jealous you have that beautiful hair! Keep your glory!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rachelle Sang
    Rachelle Sang • 1 year ago

    Beautiful!! My Sisters hair is almost this long...Long hair is beautiful! :) Mine is growing almost to the bottom of my back :)

  • Heather Timmons
    Heather Timmons • 1 year ago

    Hey, as long as it makes you happy!

  • Tracy Hurst
    Tracy Hurst • 1 year ago

    @Kayla - love your hair....keep strong Sister!

  • Angel Kingsley
    Angel Kingsley • 1 year ago

    The bible in the new testament in 1 corinthians states about hair being a crown of glory, meaning basicaly instructing to not cut hair. Right, God loves all despite outer appearances, but not cutting a woman's hair is biblical principles, the mere thought of cutting a woman's hair was not until around the 1920's when woman started the bob cut; some got fired from jobs and even divorced....point being, long is not measured by length but by faith in God. actually, that wasn't the point at all...God has simple instructions for us to go to Heaven with him. repent and be babtized in Jesus name, and receive the holy spirit ( born again of the water and the spirit.)(John 3:3, Acts 2:38)...follow God and love Him with all your heart =]

  • JSmith
    JSmith • 1 year ago

    How do i get my hair this long? any tips?

  • Tracy Hurst
    Tracy Hurst • 1 year ago

    @jsmith graciel ...Simply do not cut it. Try not to use ponytail holders too often as it can break your hair. Have patience if you have shorter hair or bangs... Best of luck to you

  • Kelly Shaw
    Kelly Shaw • 1 year ago

    Beautiful hair!! And so healthy I'm impressed!

  • Esther Rose Riddle
    Esther Rose Riddle • 1 year ago

    Mine's to my knees...

  • Claia Bystry Casey
    Claia Bystry Casey • 1 year ago

    Kayla, do you do anything in particular to keep it this long and healthy? It is beautiful!!

  • Heather Black
    Heather Black • 1 year ago

    She obviously does cut her hair though. It has layers in it... Gorgeous hair though, no matter what the meaning behind it.

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