Kaine Lawton: Australian rugby player (and named one of the country's most-eligible bachelors). A real life single aussie with abs of steal?!

David Williams...pro rugby player

Well hello!

French rugby player...

Channing! Oh mother of mercy!

Once again I find myself wanting to write a love letter to Wrangler. ;) But that is just fine from top to bottom. Legs, butt, ridiculously trim waist, back, beautiful broad shoulders, and arms that make me weep. *sigh*


Alex Pettyfer

I'm not pinning this for the guy. I swear. I just . . . it's the ink. Yes. The ink. Really. I promise. (",)

"Dillydallying." Flock of birds. Parker Hurley. Tattoos, body art.

Will Grant. Holy crap he's hot!!

Sean Lamont - Scottish international rugby union player (Glasgow Warriors) [photo attr Dieux du Stade, 2007]

And they wonder why girls like country boys... :)

Country boys :)

Save a horse, ride a cowboy.



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