boy meets girl - from outer space

Two lovers

French Fry Boy * How are you doing? Well, i've tried the MOTION thing (cool) &the DRAWING for 10 min. (which turned into 20.) -- my drawing was scary. O well. ( This stuff isn't for old or young people, it's just for PEOPLE. Everybody has stages now and then that need some gentle attention from the outside. If not from others, then like most of us 'grown up' people -- we need to give ourselves EZ healthy non-judgemental blocks of time to revive. | See more about bachelorette bucket lists, animals and animal heads.

Bunny ballerina

Detail of an once-in-a-lifetime image of a Man Feeding Swans in the Snow in Krakow, Poland by Marcin Ryczek.

so safe in your arms. Wrapped in your scarf that smells so deliciously like you. I always smile when I think of those moments.

Dancing in the rain//

Swimming in a lake (1930's?)


Delivering dinosaurs for exhibit at the Boston Museum of Science. Arthur Pollock, 1984.

Love this silhouette!! Photo Inspiration: 20 of the best double exposure portraits i’ve ever seen - pinned from

I really love shooting portraits double exposures. The combination is an easy way to add a mystical element to a photograph. This one in particular is just out of this world beautiful.

Geek Squad 58

Boy meets girl. Sexy, almost inappropriate, but the look on her face says it all. Adorable. Oh to be 16 again.