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Make Your Own Hand-Stamped Necklace - A BEAUTIFUL MESS (and this girl has amazing hair!!)

Custom cakestand~ A plate, Elmer's Stix All, a candle holder and your favorite color spray paint ON THE BOTTOM ONLY...Not to come in contact with FOOD!! :o)

DIY Tabletop Lamp From Old Toys | Shelterness - To make the lamp you need to arrange the toys to form a nice looking base and bond them together using hot glue or any other glue you think would work. Don’t forget to put the cord through this base and fix a bulb on the top. Then you can cover the lamp base with several coats of paint and one coat of polyurethane lacquer.

Here’s another DIY that’s been loitering my end for a while, never quite having time to edit it...

Are you a list maker? Im an avid maker of lists, but also a chronic forgetter of lists. How many...

Your business card says a lot about you, but what about your business card holder? Ive collected...

Craft Trend: DIY Customized Mugs

could do this on a mug or a vase or whatevs. then there's a cool little texture to run your fingers over! me gusta.