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cactus. ~ WOW!!! A bit phallic—ok... SUPER PHALLIC‼️‼️, don't you think?!!! I LOVE THE COLORS though! (@ least I'm pretty sure that is why I'm drawn to them - LOL!)!!!

Prickly Pear. There's always been a small patch of them on my family's farm in the Ozarks, which I thought was very odd as a child.

"Thanks a heap,coyote ugly!This cactus stings worse than your abandoment" (Something like that)

purple cactus - beautiful.......i try not to plant plants with thorns or stickers....but, i like this one.

DIY “Tea Bag” Plant Label ♥ 1. Find a large mug, and put your plant in place. 2. Staple a small strand of twine/string between a small folded rectangle. Label one side with your plant’s name, and the...