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    • Jenean Deering

      Organizing purses with a curtain rod + shower rings = genius! #diy #storage #ideas #purse #rail #hanger

    • Alicia Duckworth

      Shower rings for purses - genius! Now if i can only sign my husband up to make me a Purs Shelf!!!

    • Isabel Martínez

      I think this is a great idea even if you own your home and do not want to do a permanent change in a closet - I currently hang my bags on hangers in my office closet - need more room! I am going to try this and use the open shower curtain hooks. Rings would require to much work, I want to just lift the handbag off of the hook | if you're renting install a shower tension rod + shower curtain rings to hang purses instead of a permanent fixture

    • Andrea Erickson

      clever idea - Handbag organization - shower rings, closet rod (only if you have the closet space)

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