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Avegant Glyph is an innovative portable audio video device that incorporates led and microscopic mirror technology to deliver a vivid image directly to the back of your eye.

I want one of these: "Flying Robot Cleaning System Wins Electrolux Design Lab in technology news events home furnishings Category"


This new iPhone dock does more than charge your device. Using motion tracking technology, the dock rotates to follow your movements while using the iPhone camera, making it perfect for filmmaking or using Facetime while your hands are full.

Bird Photo Booth Lets You Take Up Close Pics Of Flying Feathered Friends. New Technology

Bird Photo Booth Lets You Take Up Close Pics Of Flying Feathered Friends

The evolutions of cell phones

Wordless Wrap Universal Wrapping Paper - 5 Sheets - $50

iSmartAlarm Home Security System - $169

Fancy - Sunjar Solar Lamp

Solar Window Charger by XD Design - $70

The Godwin Bottle Opener by Machine Era Co. - $29

A great guide to help you recognize the features in your camera that will make a recognizable difference in your photos and results.

iPhone case that prints your picture out like a polaroid camera

Using pinterest for lesson plans... and how to print from pinterest.

"Knitty" By Miroslav Vujovic Graforidza


Tealer Newspaper by Margarida Borges, via Behance

Smooth Surf Slider® design


Cat To Be Kitten Me

Philips Curve Phone by Antonio Celestino, via Behance

Water-Resistant Bluetooth Shower Speaker for iPhone/iPad/Android @ Sharper Image

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