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  • Shelli Ignacio

    This is what it's like to watch an episode of 8BitDad. Available Tuesdays at - 2 Very funny guys!

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My kids are funny- Part Deux

Dear Parents of Older Children,  I've been wondering some things. Well, a lot of things but I have pared them down to avoid being here for days. Nobody has the time to answer my original 268...

Yay! Fantastic rules for playdates thanks to Jen, the hilarious mom behind People I Want to Punch in the Throat.

The Top 5 Reasons Why I Suck at Mommyhood

As if the Elf on the Shelf could get any MORE creepy.

Sorry but some days are like that. And then I have ice cream and feel better.

My 5 year old was looking over my shoulder while I was on the computer and requested this for the boy's toy room! :)

“Cat celebrates Mothers Day early, adopts baby squirrel When 8-year-old Bailee Schultz discovered an orphaned baby squirrel in his grandparents wooded Michigan backyard, he was scared that it was dying. But his grandparents cat Oreo had just given birth and adopted the baby.

Adorable Buddy from Dinosaur Train Toys Tshirt!