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Family Ties (TV Show): Classic 80s show stands the test of time. A must for Michael J. Fox fans.

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The Reunion Just Keeps Getting Bigger

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FAME (1982-1987) Starring Debbie Allen,Lee Curreri takes place at the High School Of Performing Arts in New York City

The Partridge Family First episode: September 25, 1970 Final episode: March 23, 1974 Theme songs: When We're Singin, C'mon, Get Happy

Perfect Strangers was a TV show in which midwestern American Larry Appleton's comfort zone is rocked when his distant cousin Balki Bartokomous moves in. Balki is from the Mediterranean and their cultural differences are the center of their conflict.

"Happy Days" TV show (1974-84) was one of the more popular TV series, depicting life in the 1950's.

Buck Rogers TV show. If ever there was a guy who could save us all it was Buck Rogers. Bedeebedee!

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What Happened To Them?: The Cast of 'Who's The Boss'

"Who's the Boss?" TV show. Watched every single episode, twice!