Halloween Crafts: Black Cat Pillows #halloween

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Cat pillows

black cat pillow

DIY Two Sided Sharpie Pillow for Fall at The Happy Housie

Stitched Felt Halloween Cat Goodie Bag. like eyes for pillow...yellow, green and black button

silly bunnies

Red Poinsettia Pillow DIY Tutorial

cat lights DIY

Sweet Cat Fleece Pillow at The Animal Rescue Site

20 Halloween Wreaths |

Wreath Craft Ideas - Make a Halloween wreath! Use a Christmas wreath, spray painted black!

Halloween Crafts

Halloween Crafts for Kids! What would Halloween be without a black cat? You can make this black kitty in no time!

kids halloween crafts

Binky Babies: For these sweet, sleepy babes, start with small round pumpkins. For each, cut the nipple from a pacifier and attach the base to the pumpkin with pins, pressing them through any holes in the pacifier. Add eyes with black marker. Top with a baby's cap or, if there's a long curly stem, tie on a ribbon bow.

DIY Wooden Black Cats for Halloween

Halloween. Just black paper cut to fit the bowl. Ha ha!!