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German troops walk past two Red Army KIAs who fell during fighting for this unidentified Ukrainian village, Sept 1941.

Tallest German surrenders to short soldier in Second World War picture

Tallest German surrenders to short soldier in World War Two picture

German medics offer assistance to a gravely wounded Red Army soldier. Both of the man's arms are smashed. His left arm, still unattended, is obviously in need of amputation. This photo was taken in July 1941, early on in the war with Russia. As the war progressed, assistance to Russian wounded lessened until it disappeared completely. By 1943, all Russian wounded were shot as a matter of routine.

Bodies of German soldiers killed during brutal hand-to-hand fighting with troops of the Soviet 1st Ukrainian Front, Breslau, 1945.

Warsaw, Poland, A starving child in a ghetto street, 1941. One of the photographs taken by the German photographer Willi George over the course of a single day in the summer of 1941. The photographs are unique in that they were not staged, but showed the ghetto as it truly was.