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Two German soldiers taking a shot in Lublin. Poland 1941.

Majdanek death camp. Men holding canisters of the poison gas Zyklon-B at the Majdanek death camp in Poland on 30 July 1944. The camp was liberated by Soviet troops on 23 July 1944, but most of the remaining prisoners had been moved west. The Soviet troops made a documentary film about the camp soon after liberation. As well as the poison gas canisters, large piles of human bones, and hundreds of thousands of shoes were discovered.

Young German soldiers of the 12th SS Panzer Division “Hitler Youth”surrender to the 7th U.S. Army in Shillersdorf France.

German soldiers taking a break during the Battle of Moscow. Nov/dec 1941

German medics offer assistance to a gravely wounded Red Army soldier. Both of the man's arms are smashed. His left arm, still unattended, is obviously in need of amputation. This photo was taken in July 1941, early on in the war with Russia. As the war progressed, assistance to Russian wounded lessened until it disappeared completely. By 1943, all Russian wounded were shot as a matter of routine.

Bundesarchive Photos 1933 - 1945..+ all fields of WWII - Page 393 -

German poster displayed in Poland stating that “The German soldier is the guarantor of victories.” Here, the Soviet Union becomes a ravening wolf, the American eagle a balding vulture, and Britain a snake.