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Tighter control of heating and air con can significantly reduce energy bills...

Jeremy controls his #smarthome poolside in Puerto Rico at the St. Regis. Where are you in control?

Turn your tablet into a touch screen remote for your home. Sounds cool, but you need the @Control4 home control and automation system installed first before the app will work.

Control4 MyHome - iPhone version. Complete Control of your Home, with a single touch!

@Control4 signs on to sponsor the nation’s largest home automation experience center, MainStreet America, featuring state-of-the-art technology and design.

The McIntosh MR88 excels at receiving traditional AM and FM broadcasts and adds the power of HD RadioTM to produce startling fidelity with an expanded range of programming. With the capability to control a subscription based, outboard out board XM Satellite Radio Tuner (sold separately) the XM Ready® MR88 accesses the power of satellite radio to complete a palette of unprecedented choice for the consumer

MC302 features classic McIntosh amplifier styling combined with advanced audio performance. Larger easier to read Watt Meters, New Style Mcintosh engineered binding posts and the latest advancements in circuit design combine to make MC302 the Value McIntosh amplifier. The MC302 Power amplifier has continuous average power output rating of 300 watts per channel, with a peak output current of 60 amperes.

Many Hollywood blockbusters are produced in formats such as Cinemascope where the movie is 2.35 times wider than it is high. When watching this aspect ratio on a 16:9 screen, 33% of the pixels are used to create annoying black bars, therefore reducing your image resolution.

A more reasonable ultimate subwoofer LFE option. The Fathom f113 is a heavyweight subwoofer capable of filling the most demanding rooms with powerful low-frequency output and reference-class sound quality. The combination of an ultra-long throw W7 13.5-inch driver and a very powerful switching amplifier give it the kind of output normally associated with far larger subwoofer systems.

The 3Dimension Series D-73d projector integrates 3D visualization technology that is based on the science of how the human eye and brain process actual depth and dimension in real life. Runco has created a flawless stereoscopic video reproduction that is unlike anything else in the home or private cinema market.

The Control4® 7" Portable Touch Screen with Camera delivers always-on, dedicated system control in a sleek tablet form-factor that works as a portable or a tabletop touch screen for ultimate control and flexibility. The 7" Portable features full-motion video intercom and the fidelity of wideband audio intercom for crystal-clear communications and control throughout a home or business. Intercom is optional and may be activated with the purchase of an Intercom License (C4-Intercom-E).