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  • Noia Noir

    Biking in the summer sun.

  • Courtney DeGroot

    There will be lots of bike riding this summer.. Time to get in shapeeee

  • Alison Lo

    Sunny day for a bike ride.

  • Jordyn Belcher

    Dreaming of a PINK Summer

  • Donna Irene Muccio

    Summertime Bike Ride

  • Debbie Fisher

    . Love to ride a bike

  • katesome

    "Hipsters stunned as vintage cameras fail to make them professional photographers" The international hipster community is in shock this week after the purchase of a vintage Polaroid camera by a young hipster failed to bring him instant acclaim as a gritty, original, yet quirky photographer. Meanwhile, the non-profit Hipster Photographer Rescue has  revealed that “this kind of tragic occurrence is happening so often now that it’s almost become mainstream”. << Laughed my ASS off at this.

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Capturar la imagen es la forma mas bella de tener el recuerdo permanente de la belleza que encontramos al caminar en nuestra vida.

"Give the ones you love wings to fly, roots to come back, and reasons to stay." --Dalai Lama

Biking with the trench.

♥ - Kenna Watson, Brianna Weaver, Megan Marques - We need to go cliff diving this summer. It's happening.

Toes in the sand...dancing on the beach!

I want this♥ the simple kind of love where you can be yourself and wear a t shirt and shorts and the guy not care what you look like♥

summer is when you hang with your bestfriend all the time and never want to go home

I know ill miss fall/winter when you get here... But I really want to go to the beach so please don't keep me waiting much longer...💛

Need to figure out how to make fenders like this--maybe with the wood left over from the canoe.

"The reason people find it so hard to be happy is that they always see the past better than it was, and the present worse than it is."