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love looking up into trees...their branches, twigs, texture, colors, leaves, buds, flowers, fruit....magnificant, beautiful, sheltering, mesmerizing, peaceful <3

reflection in sunglasses! - going to try this sometime!.

VOCÊ É LIVRE PARA DECIDIR http://superela.com/2015/08/01/voce-e-livre-para-decidir/

The Ant's Dream! by Rakesh Rocky: http://500px.com/photo/1445530/the-ants-dream!-by-rakesh-rocky?utm_medium=pinterest&utm_campaign=nativeshare&utm_content=web&utm_source=500px #Photography #Ant

this would only work at sunrise in Colorado. I am trying to think of a location around Windsor for something like this

Quickie tutorial on how to create a four generation photo of your own! So easy you will laugh!

“I speak to you as a friend speaks or a true lover not out of friendship nor love but for a clear meeting of self upon self.” [— Audre Lorde, from “Conversations in Crisis,” Coal (W. W. Norton & Company, 1996)]

These beautiful, whimsical photos bring kids' imaginations to life

I love this picture. I want to try to recreate this for my photography class. Great use of perspective and depth.

This would be a fun activity - draw, take photos, go print them out, and put them in frames to make a collage in your son or daughter's room.

I love tho picture. Hair still frames the face, and looks more natural than a pose.

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Light up a sparkler. | 47 Brilliant Tips To Getting An Amazing Senior Portrait

Aptitude & Characteristics: Self-Improvement What: Being committed to self-improvement by recognizing areas of weakness or areas I believe are important to improve How: I find people who I respect and imitate them, I research and I ask questions to my elders to improve myself Why: A leader needs to be able to admit their faults and be constantly reshaping themselves into a better and better leader

Fun Things to do at the Beach | Try This Shadow Sand Photo by DIY Ready at http://diyready.com/things-to-do-at-the-beach/

Fun picture idea with bridesmaids:) engagement-wedding-photo-ideas

tumblr n4poqcmf8Q1tq9q5vo1 500 Random Inspiration 133 | Architecture, Cars, Style & Gear

This image is a good example of color because with the orange and pale yellow color from the sunset and the various hues of the grass , it creates a feeling of calmness in the picture with each color complimenting each other and the emotion of relaxation.

Có những ngày chỉ muốn trở về quê Nằm nghe gió rít qua hàng song cửa Nói với mẹ: Con không đi làm nữa Mẹ nuôi con đọc sách hết đời, nghe?

Taking a look at the swimming pool. From a quite different perspective.