Masked Pumpkins: Adorn your tabletop with one of our pet projects: a pair of trick-or-treating pumpkins. The decoration is hauntingly simple to make using our online templates.

Masked pumpkins, cute!

Cat Pumpkin Craft

Binky Babies: For these sweet, sleepy babes, start with small round pumpkins. For each, cut the nipple from a pacifier and attach the base to the pumpkin with pins, pressing them through any holes in the pacifier. Add eyes with black marker. Top with a baby's cap or, if there's a long curly stem, tie on a ribbon bow.

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pumpkin craft ~~owl pumpkin

Pumpkin Party Decor

Capture the spirit of the holiday with these frightfully delightful party ideas.

Halloween Party Activities & Crafts: Masked Marvels (via

Trick or Treat Halloween Decor (Print) - Lily & Val


These frightfully creative jack-o'-lanterns are so easy to make it's scary.

masked pumpkins

Make Monstrously Cool Pumpkins...adorable!

Halloween pumpkin decorating ideas


cat pumpkins

30 of our favorite no-carve Halloween pumpkin crafts. Easy and affordable!

paint a haunted mansion and then carve out the windows and moon