teal brown butterfly

Dragonfly by Jesper Madsen. Except they are actually both Damselfies not Dragonflies.

Purple dragonfly or damsel fly. It is odonata. Even I can tell that. Yes, these guys need a board of their own.

Dragonfly is as beautiful as butterflies, but here's a bonus: They eat mosquitoes by the thousands! This beauty has pink on its wings.

I never knew a Dragonfly was so beautiful~Until I saw one up close~They are quite Colorful and almost Magical looking~❥

damselfly with waterdrop damselflies must get covered in dew quite often. i've seen lots of wet dragon/damsel pix. :) so pretty.

The Glasswinged butterfly (Greta oto) is a brush-footed butterfly. Adults exhibit a number of interesting behaviors, such as long migrations and lekking among males.

Green Darner Dragonfly - Macro Photo By: Mary Konchar

damselflies are a lot like dragonflies, except much smaller, daintier, and more delicate.

Dragonfly #insect #animal


Rhyothemis fuliginosa- yes I know its not a butterfly- but i love dragonflies too

Dragon Fly. Via Ben Irvine. First time I've seen these colors and markings. Lovely!

Resting Dragonfly © Richard D. Cox*

Greek Damselfly, damselflies can be found in freshwater habitats from temporary pools to waterfalls, but individual species occupy only habitats within a certain range of water speeds.

The colour combination of this dragonfly is something different alltogether. The sun shining on the wings and body just emphasises it . I think it is a male Trithemis Aurora Taken at the Singapore Botanic Gardens

Red dragonfly from Kerala, India. Photo by Gary Tree

Simply beautiful.

Photo *** by sylvia lilova - nature, insect - photos - PhotoForum.ru - digital camera Panasonic DMC - FZ 28

Aeshna Affinis Dragonfly...I will never have a real dragon, but I see one of these every summer in my garden

Bokeh photography dragonfly