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we have had picnic's, watched fireworks, rested during rain storms, pre football game time~slept~watched the stars~laughed~saw our first and only wild bee flight from hive~buzz past us~all from the back of you pick up~


Dreams of a southern belle. My love and i REALLY want to move onto a farm out into the country.

Get new boots at Big R!

So, they're from Kohls but they're still cowboy boots. I would like to get nice ones some day. Done Again: Got Realer Ones than Kohl's Knockoffs!

"Be called mommy."  I love this so much more than "have a child," since I may adopt.

Can't wait for this magical time of my life to be a mother.

haha! [ ] done [x] WILL do! (:


Tip a cow bahaha I live in payson and i've never done it. No one ever said that everything on your bucket list had to be crazy, nearly impossible things.

found him, just wasn't the one God has planned for me <3

Find someone who will treat me right


One thing to remember! Peel the Crayons! Check out the pic I posted!

No pool? No problem. My friends did this with a tarp and loved it :)

bucket list : fill a truck bed with water and make a pool/hot tub.

a walk to remember


bucket list: have a relationship like landon and jamie. A Walk to Remember

Through something unusual, like through the dust on their car windshield or something.

like just get some sticky notes and write things on it and leave them wear people look every day who knows? you might make them smile

fall in love/marry..same thing, right?


if I start doing this, please make sure you ask me if I still know who I am... maybe I've had a bad head injury. Blech.

How true.having a bad day, a little country music can fix it, having a bit of of a rough day listen to country music it'll make you feel a little bit better, having a great day jam to your favorite country songs.