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UM... yessssss ♥ I always eat some of it when I make them and I've used all the pans already.

well perhaps not favorite. but it's so awesome and fluffy and happy and sweet and pretty colors!!

#justgirlythings I seriously think Emmanuel doeeessss!oh dear! he has an obsession - thats 4 sure

I wish I could be a typical white girl and get Starbucks every day! My life would be 20% complete, hahaha

there's a difference between friends and best friends

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definitely except I like coffee better than tea and the F.R.I.E.N.D.S other than that all me

I hate when people say that they want to travel the world and all I see is them posting pictures about London or Paris. when i say it though i mean I want to live anywhere from Seoul, South Korea and Toyko, Japan to Ireland and Scotland