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  • Sarah Kasson

    iTouchless Bag Re-Sealer...seriously? only $13? Exchange gift idea

  • Sarah Jane Dyko

    iTouchless Bag Re-Sealer (2-Packs) -- what so the creeps can fill it with nasty stuff and give it back?!? haha

  • Beatriz Muñiz

    Potato Chip Bag Resealer - Clever Kitchen Gadget - With one simple swipe along the open end of the bag, this device creates an air-tight seal that keeps the contents fresh and crunchy.

  • HeartsAbound

    Bag Resealer - Say goodbye to rubber bands, bag clips, and twist ties. The iTouchless Bag Resealer creates airtight seals across your bags to seal in maximum freshness. This battery powered kitchen gadget heats up to reseal bags of all types and sizes.

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