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it's always the little things...

true story


Amen. Sweet wedding vow

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I found him <3

Always!!! My hubby is amazing and when we came together the circumstances were against us but we fought for one another and accepted what both of us brought to the table and we each inherited!!! I will love him until forever and then some he is amazing!!!

so true!

Love this. <3

This is the BEST advice anyone can give. People say they are just venting, but others don't forgive and forget the things you say about your husband because they don't love him like you do. Sometimes the only way people know your husband is through you. Build him up. Always.

Very true :)

love this!! So true :)


<3 for my king! I love being in love with you even when there are times that you drive me crazy... My promise is to always be you're queen and drive you crazy too! <3

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Rose Franken. LOVE this, might be my favorite quote of the moment. This is probably the biggest piece of marriage advice I could give anybody. BE SILLY ... in your daily life, as lovers, even as parents.

I think this quote is so true, because sometimes people are generous just to be recognized, and to me that is not true generosity.

Very true...

I need to remember this. I find myself trying to plan my life out just perfectly. I need to remember that God's plan may not be the same as mine, and if that is the case, I need to know how to let go of the one i've planned.